Three amazing places for ideas to upstyle your Ikea furniture. One site I’ve been aware of for ages is Ikea Hackers for those with a tool kit. People share their customising ideas for Ikea bits and bobs with instructions to follow. I always feel inspired by their ideas, but it never seems quite the right time to turn my living room in to a carpentry work shop.

Today I discovered Bemz and Pretty Pegs. Bemz make sofa and chair covers for Ikea seating. Long gone are the days of white or primary colours. I don’t want my sofa to look like it belongs in a childrens nursery school. Here you get an extensive range of colours, textures and prints from the likes of Marimeko to choose from. Pretty pegs make legs for Ikea furniture that are designed to fit in to the existing fixtures. Together you can cheat a mid-century look perfectly.

It’ll stop me pining for that Robin Day sofa I’ll probably never be able to afford for a little bit longer.

Here’s my choice